Out in the Wilderness

Margaret Evans

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Hilda's mind is in turmoil. Her family has fallen apart. Can she accept her children? Jack, her son, came out when he was 15, and moved in with his boyfriend. Then her husband left her and now Sue, her daughter, is living with another woman. What went wrong?

This is Hilda's story — her painful and emotional journey. She juggles her traditional values, her guilt, her Christian faith, and the anger she feels about her family.

Reviews of ‘Out in the Wilderness’

An insightful account of a family going through the often painful process of learning to understand each other. I am sure that both parents and their lesbian and gay sons and daughters will recognise and be able to identify with Hilda, Sue and Jack. It is a very human story.
(Jenny Broughton , MBE, President of FFLAG)

I was delighted to read Margaret's novella and was greatly impressed with her understanding and reference to some contemporary Biblical research, notably ‘Love, Lost in Translation’ by K Renato Lings, and the impact that has on the linguistics and translations of the texts. Moreover, the character of Revd. Luke as the sympathetic liberal Anglican priest, seemingly struggling with the conundrum of his own theology and the (ongoing dynamic) doctrine of the Church in his conversations with Hilda, was a refreshing, yet increasingly more common, initiative. I think this is a brave and informative piece which may be of great benefit to those who can empathise, in part or fully, with Hilda and her unfolding drama.
(Revd. Chris Wingfield)

I read a few pages of your book last night, and I was astonished at how similar some of my feelings in the past were in comparison... I have a lot to learn. I really believed these people - and it resonated with my age group - brought in lots of attitudes I remember when I was a child and a young adult - well done you.
(Julie — mother of a gay son)

I enjoyed it. You have touched on a lot of different issues in this story.
(Derek — grandparent to a child of a lesbian couple.)

I really enjoyed your book, could see myself in much that was written!
(Sue Allen — Chair of FFLAG)